Product Information

We are proud to be working with Radical Archery Designs and have now become Australian distributors of these top quality yet affordable broadheads and peep sights.  We have certainly been putting their products to the test for quite some time and left no stone unturned.  They have continually proven again and again to be strongest removable blade broadheads on the market.  They are the real deal. 

MADMAN Series Broadheads

The Madmans come in 3 different models with a choice of either, LPS low profile solid blades or HPV high profile vented blades. These are - Madman 85 grain 3 blade, Madman 100 grain 3 blade and Madman 100 grain 4 blade. All 3 & 4 blade heads are super tough and razor sharp out of the packet and include one set of replacement blades in each pack.  We also sell separate packs of replacements blades with the choice of LPS or HPV.



Rival Stainless Series Broadheads

The Rival series takes the super strong blade locking of the Titanium Signature series and blends it with the smaller Double-Scallop point from the deep penetrating Ti-Con series. The solid one piece Stainless steel ferrule is more compact than it’s titanium counter-parts, yet maintains durability, slick surface finish and ability to crush through even the toughest bone. Available in two different blade profiles – 1-3/16” HPV (High Profile Vented) and 1” LPS (Low Profile Solid).


Silva Fox Whistles  

How close do you want to get to a fox. Silva Fox Whistles are 100% Australian made and owned.  Silva Fox Whistles are the top whistle for price. Ron Kiehne owner of Silva Fox Whistles personally handcrafts and tunes every individual whistle ensuring quality and are 100% guaranteed. Whether you are a keen shooter, bowhunter or even a wildlife photographer, the silva Fox Whistle will call in foxes, wild cats, wild dogs and a variety of other predator species.  If you want the best on the market this is it.