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From the beginning of time man has hunted, He was a provider of sustenance and utilised the animals killed for themselves and their families. Early man was a PRIMAL HUNTER, Thousands of years on we are no different. Our family comes from generations of hunters, it runs in our veins, and we will continue to pass this passion and knowledge on to our children, in the hope that our primal instinct of hunting, survival and appreciation of the land and what nature has to offer, continues on into the future.

We have always strived to use the best and most effective hunting and outdoors products available.  Our goal is to provide our customers with the same excellent quality products that we fully trust.  We strenuously test our products fully before marketing and selling them to you, in the hope that you will have the same successes that we have.

Primal Hunting and Outdoors may be starting off small, but we have big hopes and dreams for the future.  Please continue to follow us on instagram and facebook as well as regularly checking into our website, as we make new products available and provide free information and tips on anything hunting and outdoors through our blog.

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Brenton and Erin