SF Large Silva Fox Whistle

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Large Silva Fox Whistle in solid crafted box
SF Large Silva Fox W

About the Book

Australian Hunting Adventures by Ted Mitchell Snr Part Two is a paperback book that consists of short stories retelling the many different hunts the author has been a part of. This book is in full colour and has 160pages in A5 format. There are some other nice additions in the book including the recipe for his famous wurst and a few other meals prepared with game meat. Another part tells of how he made up his own rifle in .358Mitchell express with its own headstamp.

Hopefully, if there is enough interest, we will be able to get his first book, a slightly larger book of 344pages, re-published and exclusively available to you though Primal Hunting and Outdoors for purchase. The first book is called “Australian Adventures” “Bows, Blades and Bullets” and is just as good as this one out now.